Ashley + Adam St. Rita Catholic Church and DC Estate Winery Wedding | South Beloit, IL Photographer

As Father Evans said during their ceremony, Adam and Ashley didn't choose St. Rita's for its cool blue carpet, or its proximity to their reception.  They chose St. Rita because it's special to's their church.  After a Catholic ceremony that had more laughs and smiles than time spent kneeling, Adam and Ashley were officially (and finally) husband and wife!  Now that they had that little detail taken care of, it was time for some fun.  A stop at Rookies Pub and Grill for some refreshments was followed by another short ride on the party bus to DC Estate Winery in South Beloit, Illinois.  Adam & Ashley chose DC Estate because of its beauty and the amazing Tia (while not a magician she does perform magic on occasion as their wedding coordinator).  After some portraits and snacks in the vineyard, it was time to join the party.   Enjoy!