Welcome to B. Adams Photography.  I'm Brian.  I'm here to be more than just your photographer.  From recommending vendors, helping with timelines, organizing wedding parties, choosing locations for photos to getting that spot out with my always handy Shout wipes,  I'm more than just your photographer.  And I love every moment of it.  My photography style is about telling your story through captured moments and emotions.  From the little details to all of the laughs, smiles and tears of your entire wedding day.  So take your time.  Look around.  Ask questions. 

How would you describe your style?

My photography style can be described as a blend of natural light candid photojournalism and contemporary wedding photography.  Photojournalism is capturing the real, candid, un-posed moments as they happen.  Fun, candid moments which document the story of your day. By contemporary wedding photography, I'm referring to the style and lighting necessary to capture you in beautiful light no matter the situation. The sun and large windows make for great lighting, but they aren't always available. When this happens I have to "make light" to capture you. This is done through various techniques and use of off-camera lighting. Blending these two styles allows me to capture your day, no matter the situation.

Can I show you pictures I would like to have?

Of course!  Each happy couple may have a certain list of shots they have seen and would like to have recreated.  I'm happy to use that list for inspiration in capturing your personality and emotions.


Let's meet for a drink or coffee. Let's chat by phone, text or email.   Communication and planning are key to your day.  Whatever way you prefer to use, it works for me.    Let's work together to tell your story and make some awesome pictures.

How long do I have to wait to see my images?

All weddings come with a guaranteed 30 day turn around.

Where are you located?

Located in Rockton, Illinois but happy to travel. If you have a location or just an idea, let's talk. I know we can work something out.

Can I see more?

Of course you can!  I'd be happy to show you more.  I can send you links to galleries for you to look through and we can go through them together in person too.  It's about making you 100% comfortable in your decision.


Aahhhh, back-ups. My first career was in corporate data protection, recovery and disaster recovery planning for banks, health systems, manufacturing and insurance companies. So my backups have backups and there is a plan for almost everything. It all starts with my cameras. As each image is captured, each camera saves every picture to a second, redundant memory card. After your wedding reception has concluded, all of the images captured from all of my cameras, are copied to a laptop. Once home, your images are copied to my dedicated server which has redundant drives and a hot spare drive just to be extra safe. Most would think this would be enough but not me. Your data is also backed up to a fourth location, in a secure cloud before I even go to bed. Yes, I'm a data storage nerd.

Like what you see and wonder what's next?

Awesome, a retainer and signed contract reserve your date, ensuring no one else can swing in and take me.  Let me know if there's anything else I can do to showcase my portfolio, services, and/or customize a collection based solely on your needs and desires for your wedding day.  So go ahead, jump on over to my Contact page and let's get things started.  Or just give me a call!