Elizabeth + Max Pabst Best Place Wedding | Milwaukee, WI Wedding Photographer

I first met Max & Elizabeth while I was shooting Elizabeth’s brothers wedding in 2016, and couldn’t wait to spend the day with their family again! Max and Elizabeth met in college and have been inseparable through pharmacy school and now starting their lives together. They chose the beautiful Pabst Best Place for their brunch wedding and reception. It’s a beautiful location with loads of character and charm. We may have had 35mph winds and temps in the 20s throughout their wedding day, but it was enjoyed by all. Elizabeth and her squad finished getting ready in the lower level of the Pabst Best Place. It was a room filled with laughter, smiles, and a few happy tears too! Once they were all ready to go it was time for their wedding to begin in the great hall. With beautiful light filling the room from the floor to ceiling windows Max was finally able to see his bride. Thankfully there were tissues on each seat to help dry those happy tears (and they were surely needed). During the cocktail hour, we ventured through the beautifully restored rooms for their portraits while guests enjoyed one of Max & Elizabeth’s favorite drinks, a Wisconsin staple, the bloody Mary at a one of the most impressive spreads I’ve ever seen. Getting Max & Elizabeth back to their cocktail hour to enjoy with their friends and family was key to them, so I made sure to capture plenty of portraits, and get them back with time to spare. Speeches and dancing filled the room until their wedding party was complete. But their day didn’t end…they headed on to their after party before jet setting off on their honeymoon. Here’s a peek into their special wedding day in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.